2018 Rewind

How about a little trip down memory lane?

2018 started with confirmation that another little Pettigrew was on the way.  Of course we had Brecken make the announcement.

On March 2nd we found out that #2 would be a boy!  We let Brecken make that announcement as well.

We decided that it had been awhile since Joe and I had visited his family in New Mexico, so in April we loaded up the truck and began our journey.  Embarking on an 1,100+ mile trip 6 months pregnant with a toddler is gusty...or crazy.  I'll let you decide which. We knew that it would be a slow trudge, so we decided to make the most of our travels and sight see along the way.  There are some neat places in SD that we wanted to visit, and we figured now was the time.  We intend to put the Dakota's in our rear view mirror when we leave here.

Our first stop was Deadwood, SD.  It reminded me a lot of Park City.  It had that old time feel with shops, restaurants and bars lining both sides of main street.  It was snowing a…