SO Excited!

2 days!  2 more working days and me and Linds will be on our way to sunny (albeit hot) Palm Springs!  

It was during the dark and dismal months of winter that we decided we desperately needed something to look forward to.  What is better to look forward to than a vacation?  Once again, Lindsey's folks came to the rescue with the use of their timeshare.  We spent a couple of weeks considering a location and finally landed on Palm Springs (right price, and close enough to drive) SOLD!  That was back in February.  February!  We have been waiting for this trip for far too long, and it is FINALLY here!!!

One positive aspect of planning this far in advance is that I had plenty of time to research our destination and nearby attractions.  Disneyland is only about 1 1/2 hours away, and Newport Beach is only 15-20 minutes from there!  We have added an evening in Anaheim so we could thoroughly enjoy Disneyland (you need a full day) AND we'll get to spend a day at the beach.  I cannot wait!  This may very well be our best trip's to hoping anyway:)  Cheers for vacations!!!


  1. Omgosh! OMGOSH! I cannot believe we are one shift away from vacation! It's surreal. We've been waiting so long. The bagels are packed, new toothbrush is purchased,the magazines are ready to be read, the camera and nook are charging and a new book will be on the porch tomorrow. IIIcan't wait.....i also can'tget rid of all the i's. Eww, annoying. IIII

  2. Woot! I love Newport Beach. That's were we usually go. You will have a great vacation.


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